Monthly Meetings

The Parish Council meet in Blakeney Youth Club or Awre Village Hall every third Monday of the month at 7:00PM. 

Dates for 2024 are:

  • 15th January – Awre
  • 19th February – Awre
  • 18th March – Blakeney
  • 15th April – Awre
  • 20th May – Awre
  • 20th May – Blakeney (Annual Parish Meeting)
  • 17th June – Blakeney
  • 15th July – Awre
  • 19th August – Awre
  • 16th September – Blakeney
  • 21st October – Awre
  • 18th November – Awre
  • 16th December – Blakeney                  

Public Attendance and Participation Rules during Monthly Meetings:

The first 15mins. of the monthly meetings are reserved for members of the public to speak with the Parish Councillors and raise any issues they may have. The public are encouraged to use this facility as a opportunity to raise issues rather than to seek resolution. This is because we are restricted to only 15mins. and in most cases the council will need to make referrals before being able to provide researched answers.

After the 15mins. are up the council meeting will convene – at this point the public are invited to stay and listen but may not speak or participate in the meeting without the explicit permission of the chair person.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is held every May.  These meetings are open to the public for their duration.


Occasionally the councillors meet outside the normal dates for site inspections and to attend meetings with other organisations such as District Council or Town Council meetings but these are not always scheduled much in advance and would be publicised by the chairing authority rather than the Parish Council.