The Parish Council can be contacted through it’s clerk, whose details are below.

Alternatively, the public is welcome to come to any of the meetings. However there are constraints on what can be discussed with the public during the monthly meetings. Please refer to the Dates page for details of the meetings and the constraints which apply.

Mrs Ursula Deighton:
Purlieu Farm, The Purlieu, Blakeney, GLOS. GL15 4LW

t: +44 (0) 1594 516518


In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Parish Council’s have been recommended to make the following documents available. These are all in pdf format.

  1. Annual Financial Statement
  2. Statement of Accounts
  3. Budget
  4. Standing Orders
  5. Financial Regulations
  6. Openness & Transparency Guidlines
  7. Blakeney Cemetery Charges
  8. Burial Permission Form
  9. Code of Conduct
  10. Certificate of  Employer’s Liability
  11. Schedule of Works – Cllr responsibilities
  12. End of Year Accounts- Audit
  13. Annual Governance Statement-Audit
  14. Internal Control Statement
  15. Councillor Contact Details
  16. Complaints Procedure
  17. Risk Assessment
  18. Asset Register
  19. Disciplinary and Grievance Policies
  20. Training Statement
  21. Chairman’s Report from Annual Parish Meeting
  22. Members Register of Interests

Awre Village Green Map

Any requests for other information should be directed at the Parish Clerk, see details above.